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22:32 CET
C-0215 - Fundamentals of Pelvic MRI for Rectal Cancer: A Case-Base Review
D. Miller, E. H. Gu, K. Parikh; Ann Arbor/US
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Pelvis, Colon, Oncology
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Staging
Special Focus: Cancer

Learning objectives:
Become familiar with MRI techniques and protocols utilized for evaluation of rectal cancer. Identify key anatomic relationships in the pelvis when evaluating rectal cancer. Understand TNM staging for rectal cancer. Be comfortable diagnosing rectal cancer and identifying important findings that affec[...]
Utilization of pelvic MRI for evaluation of rectal cancer has rapidly increased in recent years due to improving MRI technology. Given that MRI is considered the most accurate imaging modality for local staging, it plays an important role in preoperative surgical or chemoradiation planning. Addition[...]
Findings and procedure details:
When is rectal MRI indicated? Local staging Pre-operative surgical or chemoradiation planning Restaging Suspected recurrence Imaging Protocol: Patient preparation and set-up: 3T scanner (1.5T used at some institutions) Supine, feet first Somewhat controversial: intramuscular glucagon, bowel reg[...]
Pelvic MRI has an important role in the pre-therapeutic evaluation for rectal cancer. Having a solid foundation of anorectal anatomy is crucial for accurate staging. Additionally, understanding how key findings direct clinical management is essential for guiding standardized reporting of rectal canc[...]
Personal information:
Dewhurst et al. Magnetic resonance imaging of rectal cancer. Radiol Clin North Am 2013; 51(1):121-131. Halappa et al. Rectal imaging: part 1, high-resolution MRI of carcinoma of the rectum at 3 T. AJR Am J Roentgenol 2012; 199(1):W35-42. Hupkens et al. MRI Surveillance for the Detection of Local Rec[...]

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