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C-0631 - Imaging Approach to Retroperitoneal Sarcoma: Diagnosis, Pre-treatment Staging and Follow-up Evaluation
J. Kwek, W. Koh; Singapore/SG
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Oncology, Retroperitoneum
Imaging Techniques: PET-CT, MR, CT
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focus: Cancer

Learning objectives:
Understand clinical presentations of retroperitoneal sarcomas (RPS). Recognise imaging clues of subtypes of RPS and their mimics. Understand complementary roles of CT, MRI and PET-CT scans in detection and staging of RPS. Reporting what the surgeons and clinicians need to know. Follow-up imaging rec[...]
INTRODUCTION Retroperitoneal sarcomas Are uncommon tumours, accounting for 10-15% of soft tissue sarcomas, with 2.7 cases per million. Usually presents in their 50s, but age range is broad. Equal frequency in men and women. 80% of retroperitoneal neoplasms are malignant. Clinical Present[...]
Findings and procedure details:
PRE-OPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS AND STAGING: IMAGING PRINCIPLES Accurate pre-operative imaging impacts survival by helping surgeons plan complete R0 resection and planning radiotherapy for non resectable cases. CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis is the preferred tool for tumour detection, staging, g[...]
RPS are uncommon and typically present late. CT scan is the firstline modality in staging and follow-up. Imaging clues to histological subtypes like retroperitoneal liposarcoma and leiomyosarcoma are often present. Most RPS resections involves concomitant resection of at least one visceral organ[...]
Personal information:
AUTHORS: Dr Jin Wei Kwek, Senior Consultant, National Cancer Centre, Singapore. Dr Wan Lin Koh, Consultant Radiologist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Singapore.
1. Craig WD, Fanburg-Smith JC, Henry LR, Guerrero R, Barton JH. Fat-containing lesions of the retroperitoneum: radiologic-pathologic correlation. Radiographics 2009; 29: 261–90. 2. Tzeng CW, Fiveash JB, Popple RA et al. Preoperative radiation therapy with selective dose escalation to the margin [...]

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