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C-0576 - Evaluation of a new X-ray imaging system based on Talbot-Lau interferometry: initial images of the knee joints of healthy volunteers and OA patients
Y. Hara1, J. Tanaka1, Y. Hoshino2, M. Niitsu1; 1Iruma-County/JP 2Hachioji/JP
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Musculoskeletal joint, Extremities
Imaging Techniques: Experimental, Digital radiography
Procedure: Equipment
Special Focus: Arthritides

Aims and objectives:
To evaluate the characteristics of images of the knee obtained from normal volunteers and osteoarthritis(OA) patients using an X-ray interferometry system that does not require either a synchrotron or a microfocus X-ray tube, and instead uses a practical X-ray tube (Talbot-Lau interferometry). The s[...]
Methods and materials:
Our new prototype machine has a larger field-of-view (8x8 cm) than the previous system (5x5 cm) and is intended to be applied to knee (and shoulder also) joints. Overview of our system is shown in Fig.1. The knee joints of healthy volunteers and OA patients were imaged, and the results were evaluat[...]
The joint cartilage and part of the menisci were well-depicted in all cases just like as those in the hands and wrists which has been previously reported and the joint cartilage of OA patientsshowed a decreased thickness(Fig. 2 & 3).
We constructed a system with an X-ray Talbot-Lau interferometer using a conventional X-ray tube and installed it in a hospital. This new X-ray imaging system can be used to image the cartilage and menisci, but more quickly and inexpensively than with MRI. The thickness of the joint cartilage and men[...]
Personal information:
Yuki Hara, M.D, Junji Tanaka, M.D., Mamoru Niitsu, M.D.: Department of Radiology, Saitama Medical University Hospital Yoshihide Hoshino: KonicaMinolta Inc.
References 1) Talbot HF. Facts Relating to Optical Science. Philos Mag 1836;9:401-407. 2) Momose A, Kawamoto S, Koyama I, Hamaishi Y, Takai K, Suzuki Y. Demonstration of X-ray Talbot Interferometry. Jpn J Appl Phys 2003;42:L866-L868. 3) Weitkamp T, Diaz A, David C, Pfeiffer F, Stampanoni M, Cloete[...]

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