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C-1017 - Radiological Evaluation of Pediatric Neck masses.
J. Anith Alfred, F. Abubacker Sulaiman, B. Ashraf ahmed; Chennai/IN
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Soft tissues / Skin, Head and neck
Imaging Techniques: MR, CT
Procedure: Contrast agent-oral
Special Focus: Infection

Learning objectives:
To review neck lesions commonly affecting children. To characterize various neck lesions based on their imaging features
Neck masses have a varied prevalence from common to very rare with multiple causes broadly classified into congenital , acquired inflammatory , neoplastic and of vascular origin. Initial clinical history with a good physical examination aids in the assessment of neck lesions . The patients usual[...]
Findings and procedure details:
Congenital Masses: Thyroglobulin duct cyst: Most frequently encountered congenital neck masses. 90% of nonodontogenic congenital cysts.They runs from the base of tongue at the foramen caecum to the thyroid gland. Error in development of foremen caecum and can be seen anywhere along the anteri[...]
Classifying the lesions into inflammatory, congenital and neoplastic lesions allows for a clinical approach towards shortening the list of differential diagnosis. Careful attention to clinical history and physical examination, as well as knowledge of the embryologic features and anatomy of the cer[...]
Personal information:
Dr.Anith Alfred.J Final year post graduate student Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences Chettinad Hospital and Research Institution Kelambakkam Kanchipuram District Tamilnadu-603103. Prof.Dr.F.Abubacker Sulaiman Professor Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences Chettinad Hospital and [...]
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