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06:53 CET
C-0559 - Local complications of acute pancreatitis: from diagnosis to intervention
O. Taydas, E. √únal, M. Onur, E. Akpinar; Ankara/TR
Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Abdomen, Pancreas
Imaging Techniques: CT, Percutaneous
Procedure: Complications
Special Focus: Inflammation

Learning objectives:
To discuss both diagnostic and interventional radiological approaches to local complications of acute pancreatitis.
Acute pancreatitis refers to a clinical condition characterized by sudden inflammation of the pancreas accompanied by severe abdominal pain. Acute pancreatitis has an estimated prevalence of 10-50/100.000 and the mortality rate is approximately 6 %. Although involvement may be restricted to the panc[...]
Findings and procedure details:
1. Infection: Infection is the most common complication of acute pancreatitis and the risk increases in the presence of necrosis. Although air bubbles seen on CT are useful in diagnosis, the exact diagnosis should be made with fine needle aspiration. The term "pancreatic abscess" is not included in [...]
As a radiologist, it is important to be familiar with local complications of acute pancreatitis, not only for correct diagnosis but also for appropriate interventions.
Personal information:
1. Spanier B, Bruno MJ, Dijkgraaf MG (2013) Incidence and mortality of acute and chronic pancreatitis in the Netherlands: a nationwide record-linked cohort study for the years 1995-2005. World J Gastroenterol 19 (20):3018-3026. doi:10.3748/wjg.v19.i20.3018 2. Yadav D, Lowenfels AB (2006) Trends in t[...]

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