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C 1 - Clinical audit across Europe: how to increase uptake and support BSS transposition
Audit EuroSafe Imaging Radiographers Physics in Medical Imaging
Wednesday, February 27, 09:00 - 10:00
Room: C&T 2
Type of session: Coffee & Talk (open forum)
Topic: Audit, EuroSafe Imaging, Radiographers, Physics in Medical Imaging
Moderator: D. Howlett (Eastbourne/GB)

Chairperson's introduction
D. Howlett; Eastbourne/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To appreciate the role of the ESR and the Esperanto audit guide in promotion of clinical audit.
2. To explore potential barriers to uptake of clinical audit and how these may differ across Europe.
3. To understand the interlinking of the regulator, clinical audit and national regulatory implementation.

Clinical audit: what, why, how?
A. Brady; Cork/IE
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the difference: internal audit vs internal audit with external direction vs external audit.
2. To appreciate the added value of effective clinical audit.
3. To highlight the role of clinical audit as outlined within the BSS.

Clinical audit: regulation
S. Ebdon-Jackson; Didcot/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the role of the regulator.
2. To appreciate the regulatory perspective on clinical audit.
3. To understand the difference between audit and inspection.

Case example 1: clinical audit template
H. H. Hjemly; Oslo/NO
Learning Objectives

1. To understand how the Esperanto audit guide can form an integral part of a departmental audit programme.
2. To review local/national uptake of the ESR Esperanto audit guide and progress towards BSS transposition.

Case example 2: a template for regulatory audit, a subset of clinical audit
S. Ebdon-Jackson; Didcot/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss the benefits of a national regulatory audit network.
2. To understand how a local regulatory audit can incorporate national regulatory audit approaches.
3. To understand the value of regulatory audit as a demonstration of compliance with national regulations.

Open forum discussion
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