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05:24 CET
C 2 - Should we really F.E.A.R. artificial intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Wednesday, February 27, 12:30 - 13:30
Room: C&T 3
Type of session: Coffee & Talk (open forum)
Topic: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Moderator: G. P. Krestin (Rotterdam/NL)

Chairperson's introduction
G. P. Krestin; Rotterdam/NL
Learning Objectives

1. To appreciate the meaning and organisation of the session.
2. To understand the concept of AI in radiology and discuss whether images will still be needed.
3. To explain what is meant by F.E.A.R.

AI and radiology workforce
A. G. Rockall; London/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss whether AI will replace radiologists in the future.
2. To explain the role of intelligent acquisition devices and the impact on radiographers' daily work.
3. To understand what will be the competences required from a radiologist using AI.

Ethical and legal implications of AI
N. Forgó; Vienna/AT
Learning Objectives

1. To become familiar with how we can shed light on the "AI black-box".
2. To discuss the liability implications when using AI for diagnostic purposes.
3. To learn about the ethical implications of using AI and discuss the possibility that AI will become better than the radiologist.

Challenges of AI implementation in radiology
J. A. Brink; Boston/US
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about the optimisation of man-machine interactions.
2. To discuss whether privacy will be in danger when using AI.
3. To become familiar with the role of regulatory when implementing AI.

Open forum discussion
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