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05:52 CET
C 23 - Meet the professor
Education Management/Leadership
Wednesday, February 27, 10:00 - 11:00
Room: C&T 1
Type of session: Coffee & Talk (open forum)Coffee and Talk (open forum) - ESOR
Topic: Education, Management/Leadership
Moderator: V. Vilgrain (Clichy/FR)

What is ESOR?
V. Vilgrain; Clichy/FR
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about the ESOR activities.
2. To understand the role of ESOR in education in Europe and beyond.
3. To appreciate the value of high quality education.

How to succeed in academic career?
M. Ronot; Clichy/FR
Learning Objectives

1. To learn the steps required for an academic career.
2. To understand the similarities and differences among countries.
3. To be aware of the balance between clinical, research and educational activities.

How can we maintain the link between your professional career and ESOR?
V. Vilgrain; Clichy/FR
Learning Objectives

1. To explain the ESOR alumni programme.
2. To understand the benefits of ESOR alumni programme.
3. To underline the importance of participating in educational activities.

Open forum discussion
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